Leaking Oil Tanks

My Oil Tank Leaked, What Do I Do Now?

Do you have an oil tank that was removed? Were you told that the tank leaked? Were there no obvious sign of oil? Were there small pin holes in the tank? Were you told that the oil tank cleanup will cost $10,000.00 to $15,000.00? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a professional second opinion about your leaking oil tank. 80% of the callers we get that answer yes to every question we have found do not need remediation.


The MDE allows a limited amount of oil to remain from a leaking tank if the levels are within the specified range and there is a reimbursement program for residential homeowners. (See Maryland State Residental Reimbursement Facesheet)


Based on the concentrations detected in the tank excavation a case can be presented that although petroleum levels are present in soils, the petroleum compounds will not leach out from the soils. The MDE will respond and the property owner will receive a No Further Action (NFA) letter for the tank leak, which closes the tank leak out as an issue as it provides approval from the MDE that the site is in compliance with the applicable environmental regulations. Most of the time this is all that real estate professionals and/or lending institutions need to continue property transactions.


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