Phase II ESA - Environmental Site Assessment

What is a Phase II Site Investigation?

A Phase II is testing for suspect environmental problems that were identified from a Phase I. It is normally conducted after a Phase I, as a Phase I is meant to identify environmental Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs) BEFORE a property is purchased.  If a specific Phase I is not a requirement for the lending institution and there are known environmental RECs (tanks, etc.), it is possible to conduct a Phase II with historical research.  

While a Phase I is conducted by an environmental professional with experience and training a Phase II typically requires drilling and testing equipment.  Ace Environmental operates GPR, metal detectors and testing equipment necessary to quickly and cost effectively complete a Phase II.  We contract some services to contractors that we work with almost on a daily basis and therefore have very cost competitive pricing.  In addition, we outsource laboratory services, as it is a conflict of interest to conduct that work in house.  Our clients realize huge cost savings working with knowledge and efficiency.  We make sure that the analytical is appropriate to the potential impacts identified so that you are not paying for something that you do not need.


A Phase II Can Include

Phase II ESA Geophysical Survy, GPR, and more

Geophysical Survey
(Ground Penetrating Radar - GPR)
Metal Detector Sweep
Test Pits


Groundwater, Mold, and Soil Testing Services Available

Soil Testing
Groundwater Testing
Mold Testing